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Portfolio Companies



Legion Capital Corporation is a private equity firm that buys and builds operating companies using our proprietary crowdfunding platform, and and experienced management team with decades of experience in building successful businesses.

Our current portfolio companies are:

  • Hilton Institute of Business – The Hilton Institute of Business (“Hilton Institute”) is a small business education, training and coaching company. Led by our President Joseph B. Hilton, Hilton Institute works with small business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs to provide them the knowledge and assistance to start and grow their business. Hilton will launch a series of small business seminars and workshops across the United States in January 2017, teaching thousands of business owners how to start, grow, finance, market and build their business.


  • Legion Funding – Legion Funding is a small business finance company. The Company provides financing for business owners looking to grow their business, and has a number of small business finance program that it offers, including business credit lines, accounts receivable financing, equipment leasing, inventory financing, down payment assistance for real estate acquisition and other programs. The Legion Funding website can be viewed here: legionfunding.net