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Welcome to Legion Direct

What is Legion Direct?

We, Legion Capital, offers our investment opportunities to the public through our own proprietary funding platform Legion Direct.  Legion Capital is a private equity firm founded on the fundamental principal of new age capital formation methods to allow average investors to access alternative investments previously reserved for Wall Street and super wealthy investors.

Legion acquires and builds companies in high growth industries through capital formation methods such as crowdfunding, Regulation A+ (Direct IPO) and other direct to market corporate finance methods.

How does Crowdfunding or Direct Investing work?

Crowdfunding is a method through which smaller companies use the general public (the Crowd) to fund their start up or growth capital needs. Crowdfunding comes from a new set of laws enacted in the U.S. during the past few years that allows smaller companies to do “direct to market” to raise capital for their business from average investors, provided they follow a set of rules and guidelines. Legion Capital through Legion Direct uses crowdfunding as one of the ways it funds the acquisition and or building of companies it owns.

We really look forward to having you all as Legion Investors! Happy Investing!