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Frequently Asked Questions

Legion Frequently Asked Questions

Legion Capital is a private equity firm founded on the fundamental principal of new age capital formation methods to allow average investors to access alternative investments previously reserved for Wall Street and super wealthy investors.

Alternative Investments are non-traditional investments such as private placements, real estate, venture funds, Direct company IPOs, limited partnerships and other investments not typically traded in the stock markets. Alternative investments have traditionally been limited to institutional and ultra-wealthy investors, and now can be made available to average investors through a private equity firm like Legion.

Our Corporate Notes are either (i) a one year note with 7% interest per year to the investor; or (ii) a 3-year note with 10% interest per year to the investor. Both of our notes provide for monthly payments of interest to the investor, and full repayment of the investment in either the 1 year or 3 year period.

Our Corporate note has been qualified for sale by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Under Regulation A+ of the Securities Act, our Corporate Note is available to ALL investors. You can invest as little as $5,000 into our Corporate Notes. You do not have to be a wealthy or “accredited investor” to be a Legion Investor, our offerings are available to the average investor.

Under Regulation A+, the law under which our offering is qualified by the SEC, if you are not an accredited investor, your investment is limited to the greater of 10% of your net worth (not counting your primary residence) or 10% of your annual income. If you are an accredited investor these limitations do not apply. Accredited investor means you have a $1 million net worth, (not counting your home), or over $200,000 of annual income ($300,000 if you are a couple). Since most people are not accredited investors, Legion Capital makes it possible for every investor to participate in direct IPOs or other high yield alternative investments like real estate, private placements, and other similar opportunities.

We allow almost every type of investor into Legion, including individuals, joint investors, partnerships, LLCs , Corporations and S Corporations, as well as retirement accounts.

A purchaser of our stock under our Reg A+ IPO is not restricted in terms of the ability to resell the stock. There are no lock up periods and no other restrictions on the sale of the stock.

ClearTrust. Their contact information can be found on our shareholders tab..

We offer our investment opportunities to the public through our own proprietary funding platform Legion Direct.  It is very simple to invest, and it only takes a few moments. Simply go to Legioncapitalcorp.com and click on the “Invest” button at the top of the page. Register as a Legion Investor and in just a few minutes you can purchase our interest paying corporate notes.

We really look forward to having you all as Legion Investors! Happy Investing!