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What We Do


We are a FinTech enabled private equity firm and lender. We lend to, invest in and help build portfolio companies in high growth industries, deploying a proprietary crowdfunding platform and other direct to market capital formation strategies to provide growth financing for our portfolio holdings, and decades of experienced corporate management experience to maximize value for our shareholders.

We look to own companies in high growth industries, with disruptive technologies or significant market advantages, a top flight management team and a compelling strategy for exponential growth. We look for special opportunity wherever it can be found, and we bring a full array of services to our portfolio companies, including strategic growth and marketing, technology, management and long term strategic planning initiatives, grooming our companies for ultimate IPO or other liquidity event. We never stop looking for the next great opportunity, and we work tirelessly for our shareholders.

At Legion, we love what we do and it shows.

Driving Change

We seek to do business with strong companies – poised for success, that need the final piece of the puzzle. That’s just what we intend to be – the missing piece of the puzzle. With our executive expertise, industry relationships, comprehensive management, and marketing services – we drive progressive change by being the puzzle piece that fits everywhere.

How we do business

We start with identifying companies and projects in high-growth industries that can be exponentially grown through a combination of capital and expertise.


Legion Capital funds acquisition, early stage development and growth capital needs for small and medium sized business owners and developers, addressing a market segment that has gone largely unserved by banks and conventional lenders. We have core holdings in real estate development, construction, infrastructure, materials and other business segments, along with a substantial pipeline of transactions that will provide exponential growth over the next several years.


As a private equity firm focused on small and emerging companies we look to acquire ownership stakes, on either a controlling or non-controlling basis, in select companies and projects in growth industries.

Disciplined due diligence

We meticulously execute our vetting process from the ground up – measuring potential risk factors as well potential value factors. We seek to participate in kind, professional transactions with business professionals equally as eager for progressive change within their company.